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Digital Switchover

Important Notice

Have you got an existing alarm?

If you have an alarm connected to a telephone line your system may not send signals to your mobile or monitoring station due to the BT/Openreach digital switchover.

We may be able to help you with most systems whether installed by us or by another company.

Get in touch for information and advice as soon as possible.

In the South East BT Openreach plan to move all PSTN lines to Digital by Spring 2024 with the whole of the UK  PSTN network will be switched off in 2025.

Security system needs to be efficient and reliable. The PSTN switch off could easily neutralize both the effectiveness and reliability of intruder alarms. Lots of older security systems across the UK rely on analogue lines, and the PSTN/ISDN switch off will affect them. 

The UK’s PSTN network will switch off in 2025

BT has been moving all customers from the old analogue public switched telephone network (PSTN) to a fully digital network. They've already started and plan to have moved everyone over before Openreach stop the PSTN (and ISDN) service in 2025. By then, every phone line in the UK will be digitalrouting calls over IP (Internet Protocol) rather than the traditional PSTN.

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