5mp dome camera Indoor and Outdoor use
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Digital Video Recorder

available in 4/8/16 channels to allow cctv playback

Professionally Installed, NSI Gold Approved


What is CCTV?

Closed circuit television, better known as CCTV, allows you to monitor your properties it the most convenient yet effective way. CCTV Cameras are very important in monitoring some places in particular to prevent theft, and for the businesses, control inventory and to maximize productivity

  • Very easy and intuitive to use Anti Vandal 5MP dome cameras

  • Watch crystal clear images of your property on your mobile device ipad or laptop from anywhere in the world

  • Record high quality video

  • Generate very clear still images from footage

  • Professional installation providing optimised camera positioning and accurate focusing to ensure best quality images

  • Infra red lighting to ensure cameras can see in the dark

  • Our engineers will assist you in any aspect of the operation of your system including extracting footage

5mp for high definition footage dome cam
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  • Deter damage and Vandalism to your property

  • feel safer

  • better security for your home & business

  • deter burglars and Intruders